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What are good diet snacks to eat when trying to lose weight?

Snacking is often one of the main reasons people become overweight. It's also one of the most common reasons why a diet plan fails. Those sweet or savoury treats are just too tempting.

Diets and snacks aren't particularly good bedfellows. But it doesn't need to be this way. There are a number of snacks you can eat when dieting. Indeed, eating diet snacks is usually beneficial, as trying to cut out snacks altogether can be counter-productive.

As you will no doubt have guessed, suitable diet snacks do not include cream cakes or king size chocolate bars. However, you can eat snacks such as apples, dried fruit, almonds and low-fat string cheese.

The dieting industry in the UK is so huge that you'll also find low fat and low calorie versions of most of your favorite snacks. So there's no reason to deprive yourself of a little of what you fancy.

The final point to remember when it comes to diet snacks is portion size. Even healthy snacks must be eaten in moderation. A handful of unsalted nuts is a great snack for the middle of the day. But several handfuls will have a big impact on your daily calorie intake.

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