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Do slimming clubs work, and which is the best diet club in the UK?

One of the main reasons women struggle to lose weight is motivation. When you're fighting the battle on your own, the path to weight loss can be long and hard.

Slimming clubs can not only help ease the tedious nature of dieting but they can also give a much needed motivational boost. Meeting up with women who are going through the same dieting ups and downs as you, can really lift your spirits. The support and advice given can help you remain on top of your diet and prevent any slip-ups.

However, a slimming club is only as good as the diet plan it promotes. All the motivation and support in the world is useless if the eating plan is misguided. Fortunately, the vast majority of slimming clubs in the UK are based on following a healthy, balance diet.

Each slimming club will have a slightly different set up, payment structure and meeting schedule. The National Slimming Centre and Weight Watchers are two of the best in the UK. Both offer affordable, flexible membership and boast high success rates.

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What are the best UK slimming clubs

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