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Do diet shake eating plans work and which is best for weight loss?

Women in the UK spend millions of pounds each year on diet shakes and liquid meal replacements. From Slimfast to the Cambridge Plan, there are no shortage of diet shakes to choose from.

But do they work, and are they a sensible way to lose weight? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to either of these questions.

For some women, diet shakes have helped them lose a great deal of weight, and even keep that weight off. If diet shake plans are followed properly, they will invariably lead to weight loss because you will be consuming fewer calories each day.

However, for many women, diet shakes simply don't work because it can be very hard to eat the same old liquid meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Boredom and a desire for something different will usually creep in after a month.

The nutritional aspect of many diet shakes must also be questioned. Although most shakes are fortified with a range of vitamins and minerals, it is still difficult to obtain all your nutritional requirements from liquid meals.

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