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Where can I find unbiased reviews of diets and eating plans?

Finding honest diet reviews can be difficult. Often what appear to be unbiased opinions are actually a form of marketing by diet book publishers and weight loss specialists.

Fortunately, with the arrival of the internet, it's now much easier to find good reviews of all the weight loss programmes available today. Take a look at our own guide to popular diet plans to get you started.

However before you rush out to start another weight loss plan, it's worth remembering two things. Firstly, what works for one woman may not work for the next. Different diets suit different people. For example, someone with a full time job may not have the time to follow complicated eating plans, whereas a retired woman might.

And secondly, the only true way to achieve permanent weight loss is through a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. The latest fad diet may help you lose a few pounds quickly, but it's very unlikely that those pounds will remain off for any significant period of time.

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