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Are prunes really good for you like your granny always said?

Many of the older generation swear by prunes. You would think they were the food of the Gods the way some elderly relatives go on about them.

And as you would expect, the old folks are quite correct. Although they are by no means a miracle food, prunes are very good for you.

The high levels of fibre in prunes and the resulting laxative effects are well documented but the humble prune is also packed full of essential minerals and antioxidants. Prunes are particularly beneficial to the skin both in terms of preventing aging and general healthiness.

However, the real beauty of prunes are that they are virtually fat free so you can eat as many of them as you like. They are also beneficial when trying to lose weight because they help normalise blood sugar levels, and slow the rate at which foods exit the stomach. This helps encourage a feeling of fullness even after a relatively small portion.

Another proven benefit of prunes is their ability to lower cholesterol. The soluble fibre found in prunes encourages the body to remove bile acids through the faeces. This causes the liver to make new bile acid which reduces the cholesterol found in the body.

And finally, prunes can also help protect the intensities and digestive tract. The insoluble fibre also found in this humble fruit feeds the friendly bacteria found in your gut, thereby improving your stomach and intestine defences.

Top prune tip - if you want to eat dried prunes, try to avoid those that have been preserved with sulphites and other potentially harmful substances.

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