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Is olive oil and extra virgin olive oil good for your health or is it just a better alternative to other cooking oils?

To say 'olive oil is good for you' isn't quite true. If you were to consume large quantities of olive oil you would be doing much more harm to your body than good.

Like all oils, olive oil is exceptionally high in calories and fat content so obviously you should use it sparingly.

However, olive oil is one of the healthiest forms of oil available and it is considerably better for you than more traditional cooking oils. It's no coincidence that people who live in the Mediterranean and use olive oil religiously, have a much lower risk of heart disease and a tendency to remain healthier for longer.

Perhaps the main benefit of olive oil is that it contains the essential fat omega 6 which is vital for both cellular and cardiovascular health.

It is also important to note that olive oil is a mono-unsaturated fat and as such is less likely to be turned into the potentially harmful trans fat when used in cooking.

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