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Everything you eat can directly effect your body and your mind. Every mouthful of food you take could be having an equally beneficial or detrimental effect your health, both for today and for tomorrow.

It's therefore vital that you give real thought to your diet and try to give your body all the help it needs.

The Questions

01. Are eggs bad for you?
02. What is the Glycemic Index?
03. Is olive oil good for you?
04. Is spinach really that good for you?
05. What are antioxidants and why are they so good for you?
06. Does fish really help improve your intelligence?
07. What are cruciferous vegetables?
08. Which foods help prevent wrinkles from appearing?
09. Why is ginger said to be so good for you?
10. What are negative calories and can they help with weight loss?

11. Why is garlic so good for you?
12. Do carrots make you see better in the dark?
13. What is spirulina?
14. Are blueberries the best fruit you can eat?
15. What is flax seed oil?
16. Are prunes as nutritious as many older people say?
17. What exactly is aloe vera?
18. Why is oily fish in particular so good for you?
19. What are probiotics?
20. What is black cohosh and why is it so good for women?

21. Are sweets really all that bad for you?
22. Should I stop eating wheat?
23. What are wholefoods?
24. Why is zinc so important to health?
25. Are certain foods really aphrodisiacs?
26. What is hemp seed?
27. Which foods can help lower cholesterol?
28. What is an isotonic drink and does it actually work?
29. What foods should you avoid during pregnancy?
30. Why are pumpkin seeds so good for you?

31. Does cod liver oil really help the joints?
32. Are too many vitamins bad for you?
33. Is pepper bad for you like salt?
34. What exactly are calories?
35. Is decaf coffee just as bad for you as normal coffee?
36. Can antioxidants really slow down the aging process?
37. Are GM foods safe to eat?
38. Which foods can help protect against cancer?
39. What is seasonal affective disorder?
40. Can certain foods improve blood circulation?

41. What are the health benefits of soya?
42. What is cat's claw?
43. Which foods are particularly good for the eyes?
44. What is ginkgo biloba?
45. Why are so called superfoods so super?
46. We've all heard of ginseng but does it work?
47. What is creatine?
48. Which foods can help with arthritis?
49. What is kava and is it safe to eat?
50. Is milk good for you or should it be avoided?

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