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What is the lipotrim diet, does it actually work, and should I try it?

There has been quite a buzz about the Lipotrim diet in recent months? But what does this weight loss plan involve and does it live up to the hype?

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The Lipotrim plan is essentially another total meal replacement diet that involves the use of food products developed in Britain by qualified nutritionists. The specially designed food is intended to keep you healthy whilst losing weight.

The plan started life in 1987 as a GP programme for overweight people but was extended to pharmacies to reach a greater number of people. When you join the Lipotrim programme, your pharmacist provides you with weekly support to help achieve your weight loss goals.

Most people on the plan do lose weight, with an average of one stone every month. This can be maintained for several months, provided you stick to eating the meal replacements, and don't have too many slip-ups.

The Lipotrim plan should only be undertaken if you are serious about losing weight, and have the willpower to stick to the programme. It's also a relatively expensive diet, costing approximately £35 each week. Even when you reach your desire weight, the maintenance phase of the plan will still cost you £18 per week.

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