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Is the grapefruit diet a sensible eating plan, and does it actually work?

Despite what some people think, the Grapefruit Diet doesn't involve eating nothing but grapefruits. That would be pretty stupid, even by dieting standards.

No, the Grapefruit programme involves eating grapefruit before every main meal and before any caffeinated drinks. The belief is that the enzymes contained in the grapefruit encourages your body to burn fat, thereby helping you to lose weight.

The grapefruit diet plan also heavily restricts both what you can eat, and how much you can eat. The programme limits you to no more than 800 calories a day, with all high calorie foods strictly prohibited.

So does it work? Well yes, but purely because you will be consuming far fewer calories than you would normally. In fact, you will be eating less than half the recommended number of daily calories for an average woman. You don't have to be a nutritionist to realise that this is neither healthy or maintainable over a long period of time. A lack of calories, vitamins and mineral will leave your body unable to function effectively and efficiently.

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