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Why is ginger said to be so beneficial to our health?

Ginger was first discovered in China many centuries ago and it has been used ever since as a natural remedy as well as a deliciously tasty food. This popular herb is used in cooking throughout the world, from South America to the Middle East.

Ginger's main benefit is its ability to sooth stomach and digestion problems. However, some people also reach for the ginger as soon as they feel a migraine coming on.

Research has shown that ginger is particularly effective at alleviating feelings of nausea and sickness. If you tend to feel unwell when flying, a dose of ginger before you go can really make a difference.

Ginger can also be taken to boost circulation and to reduce the symptoms of everything from a sore throat to inflamed skin. There is also considerable research indicating that the root can protect and, to some extent, fight cancer.

Many people take ginger when suffering from flu or a cold as it can encourage the body to sweat. Not only does sweating act as a form of detoxification but it is also believed to increase the body's ability to fight infections near the skin's surface.

Ginger can be particularly useful for women during pregnancy who may not be able to take regular medicinal remedies. Studies have shown that the root is a safe and effective form of treatment for the nausea and sickness typically experienced by pregnant women.

In terms on nutrition, ginger contains good levels of magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, and vitamin B6. And as you would expect, the plant is very low in calories so is perfectly suitable for people who are trying to lose weight.

Top tip - if you want a strong ginger flavour, add the root towards the end of the cooking process. And if you want a more subtle ginger flavour to your dish, add the ingredient at an earlier stage.

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