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People often refer to fish as 'good for the brain', but does it really have any effect on intelligence?

Most of us have heard fish being referred to as a great 'brain food' but is there any real truth is this.

The answer is yes and quite categorically yes. Over 50% of the brain's solid mass is made up of fat, the most useful of which is probably omega-3, a substance found mostly in fish. Obviously, this is a simplified version of the factors involved but to be perfectly honest this is all you really need to know.

Omega 3 has been proven to not only improve a person's learning capabilities (particularly small children) but it also has a positive effect on your memory as well.

Fish also contains several other nutrients such as choline which studies have shown to be beneficial for the brain. So remember, if you want to get smart, marry a fisherman.

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How fish helps keep your brain healthy

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