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What are good diet dinners to eat when trying to lose weight?

Dinner time can be danger time if you're on a diet. Not only are there so many high calorie, high fat foods to avoid but you must also resist the temptation to eat too much.

So what kind of meals are said to be good diet dinners i.e. those that are nutritionally balanced but low in calories. The truth is that most food is perfectly acceptable to eat, just as long as common sense is applied.

For example, a moderately sized pizza with vegetable toppings, lean chicken or low fat cheese is a great choice. However, a large pizza covered in fried meat or mayonnaise is a poor choice. Similarly, a small slice of low fat chocolate cake is okay but a large slice of high calorie chocolate cake covered in cream is not.

Portion size is one of the keys to dinners during a diet. Huge platefuls of food maybe tasty but they are not conducive to losing weight. One of the best ways to help reduce your dinner portions is to have a light starter. A salad or a bowl of soup will fill you up and prevent you from gorging on your main course.

It's also important to eat a variety of food for dinner. Eating fish or chicken every night will soon become monotonous so have low fat beef one night or a little pork the next. The more you restrict your diet, the greater the likelihood of weight gain.

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