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The Zone Diet is another eating plan that identifies carbohydrates as the main culprit behind obesity and weight gain. The Zone diet is designed to make the body function at the optimum rate to burn fat and therefore lead to fast, effective weight loss.

What does the plan involve?
The Zone Diet focuses not so much on the food you eat, but the balance and combinations of that food. It is based largely on the ability of food to control, or at least affect, metabolic processes. The plan also examines the role of insulin in the body and categorizes dieters according to whether they have a tendency to overproduce insulin.

Food and recipes
The Zone Diet should be tailored to the individual, but in general 40% of calories should come from carbohydrates, 30% from fat and 30% from protein (the UK average is 55% carbs, 35% fat and 10% protein.). The diet allows three main meal with two substantial snacks each day.

The program recommends a mixture of of aerobic and anaerobic exercise to help achieve the best weight loss results. Regular lightexercise is preferred, rather than intense, vigorous workouts.

Eating out when on the Zone diet shouldn't pose much of a problem. Alcohol is allowed in moderation, although caffeine is not permitted. There is no need to buy special foods under the plan but it may not be suitable for vegetarians.

Celebrity followers
The Zone eating plan has allegedly been used by a huge number of celebrities in the UK and the US. Stars such as Madonna, Demi Moore, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Rene Zellwegger, and Cindy Crawford are rumoured to have lost weight with this slimming program.

Does the plan work?
Reducing the number of calories you consume from carbs and fats should reduce your daily calorie intake, and as a result lead to weight loss... so the Zone Diet will work. However, it certainly isn't the easiest diet to follow, and it can lead to potentially unhealthy levels of protein and saturated fat. The claims made concerning insulin and metabolism have not been proven.

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