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Somersizing, or Somersize, is a diet plan designed by American actress, author, and businesswoman Suzanne Somers. More than 3 million people have tried this diet plan which promises to allow you to eat delicious foods and lose weight at the same time.

What does Somersizing involve?
The Somersize program says that eating frequent small meals plus fruit and vegetables during the day will change your metabolism to burn more fat. It's this constant intake of high energy foods that increases your bodies speedometer whilst at the same time suppressing your appetite. Unlike most diet plans, Somersizing does not include excessive portion monitoring or calorie counting.

Somersizing food and recipes
The Somersize plan comprises a diet of combination meals with the restriction of certain foods and beverages. You are advised to eat either fats and protein with vegetables or carbs with vegetables and no fat. High sugar foods including honey are discouraged, whilst all alcoholic and caffeinated drinks are prohibited.

The program relies on food rather than exercise to help its followers to lose weight. A healthy lifestyle is encouraged but no exercise guidelines are given.

Eating out when on the Somersize diet shouldn't pose much of a problem in most restaurants. You don't need to buy any special foods in order to follow the program. The eating plan is also perfectly suitable for vegetarians.

Celebrity followers
The Somersize eating plan has not been linked to many celebrities other than Suzanne Somers herself. But you can be sure that any number of stars have tried the program. Whether they successfully lost weight is another question.

Does Somersizing work?
Most people will lose weight with this diet because of the restriction of high fat and high sugar foods. However, many of the food combination theories have little evidence to support them, and some simply don't make any sense. Nevertheless, if combined with a healthy exercise program, the Somersize plan is certainly not the worst diet you could try.

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