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The Scarsdale Diet is a high protein, low carb diet designed to help you lose weight by encouraging your body to enter ketosis. The state of ketosis is where the body has used all its available carbohydrates and produces ketones from breaking down fat. So should you try it? Will it help you to shift those extra pounds? Read on to find out.

What does the plan involve?
The Scarsdale diet involves eating very high levels of protein and very little carbohydrates to force your body to burn its fat reserves. This short term eating plan proposes to help you lose 1lb a day for up to two weeks.

Scarsdale food and recipes
The Scarsdale Diet allows no more than 1000 calorie a day, 43% of which coming from protein, 34.5% from carbs and 22.5% from fat. Three meals are permitted each day with carrots and celery as snacks. Bread is limited to two slices a day and caffeinated drinks are allowed. However, pasta, potatoes, whole milk dairy, sweets and desserts are not permitted.

The program does not require any exercise because of the very low number of calories it recommends. Any diet plan that doesn't give at least some consideration to exercising may not be the best choice.

Eating out when on the Scarsdale diet will be difficult unless the restaurant has the exact type of meal you are able to eat. Alcohol is not permitted, and caffeine is only allowed in small quantities There are no special foods required in order to follow the program. The plan isn't particularly suitable for vegetarians due to the emphasis on animal protein.

Celebrity followers
The Scarsdale eating plan has not been linked to many celebrities but you can be sure that any number of stars have tried the program. Whether they successfully lost weight with the scarsdale program is another question altogether.

Does the plan work?
The 1000 calories a day recommend by the Scarsdale Diet will help you lose weight but the eating plan is dangerously low in carbohydrates and should not be followed for any length of time, if at all.

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