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The Rotation Diet is a weight loss plan designed to achieve quick results. This popular eating plan was developed by psychologist and obesity expert Martin Katahn in 1986.

What does the plan involve?
The Rotation Diet involves reducing your daily calories to the point just above the starvation level. The starvation point is where the number of calories being consumed is so low that your body slows down its metabolism to burn less fat and protect essential functions. By avoiding this preservation mode, you can lose the maximum level of weight over a short period. The Rotation diet also focuses on managing appetite and improving eating habits.

Food and recipes
Under the Rotation Diet, you are allowed 600 calories for the first three days, followed by 900 calories for the next four days, and 1200 calories for the final seven days. High fat, high calorie foods should be avoided, and hunger should be addressed by consuming large quantities of fruit and vegetables such as celery, asparagus and pineapple. No foods are fully restricted.

The program recommends a minimum of thirty minutes of light exercise every day in order to maintain a healthy body weight. Walking and certain types of housework are often sufficient.

Eating out when on the Rotation diet will be very difficult due to the heavy restrictions on the number of calories you can consume. You don't need to buy special foods for the plan. In fact, you won't need to buy much food at all other than fruit and vegetables. The program is suitable for vegetarians.

Celebrity followers
The Rotation eating plan has not been linked to many celebrities but you can be sure that any number of stars have tried the program. Whether they successfully lost weight with the rotation program is another matter.

Does the plan work?
The low calorie nature of the Rotation diet will invariably lead to weight loss. However, this diet plan is nothing more than a quick fix that can leave you dehydrated and undernourished. Most weight loss achieved will be put back on once the diet finishes, unless you adhere to the advice regarding diet and appetite management.

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