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The Low Fat Living Diet was developed by Dr Robert Cooper, and is a combination of low fat meals and daily exercise.

What does the plan involve?
Dr Cooper advocates that by eating less fat and by exercising more, you will lose weight and improve your overall health and well-being. A five minute exercise in the morning should be followed by low fat meals and high fibre snacks. Dr Cooper claims that a low fat, high fibre diet increases metabolism and energy levels, thereby reducing appetite and the likelihood of overeating.

Food and recipes
The Low Fat Living plan suggest that you eat four small low-fat meals and three low-fat snacks each day. Breakfast should be at 7am, lunch at noon, dinner at 6-7pm, with snacks at 10am and 9pm. The foods comprise mainly pasta, wholemeal bread, fat-free dairy, lean meat and fruits and vegetables. All fatty foods are prohibited. Each meal should provide less than 500 calories with no more than 25% of those coming from fats.

The program recommends low-intensity exercise, such as aerobics, to compliment its eating plan.

Eating out when on the Low Fat Living diet will be very difficult in all but a handful of restaurants. However, the plan is perfectly suitable for vegetarians.

Celebrity followers
The Low Fat Living eating plan has not been linked to many celebrities but you can be sure that any number of stars have tried the program. Whether they successfully lost weight with the Low Fat Living program is another question.

Low Fat Living Diet work?
The Low Fat Living Diet will help you lose weight... provided you can stick to it. Very low fat, small portions, exercise in the morning - it's not exactly the easiest diet in the world. However, if you do have the willpower, the Low Fat Living diet will improve you health and reduce your dress size.

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