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The Life Without Bread diet is based on the theories of Austrian physician Dr Wolfgang Lutz. This low carbohydrate diet maintains that obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease are partly caused by the carbohydrate based diet followed in most Western cultures. Does it work? Will it help you to lose weight? Read on to find out.

What does the plan involve?
The Life Without Bread diet plan involves eating foods high in fat and protein rather than those high in carbohydrates. By avoiding foods packed with carbs such as bread (hence the name) your body is said to function more naturally and therefore your weight will return to a more natural level too.

Food and recipes
The Life Without Bread diet restricts but does not eliminate carbohydrates from your diet. You are allowed up to 72g of carbs per day (approximately 6 slices of bread). The diet plan allows you to eat as much protein as you want plus generous portions of fat. Cheese, meat, poultry, fish, nuts and milk are all welcomed.

The program focuses purely on your food choices, and gives little mention to the need for regular exercise.

Eating out when on the Life Without Bread diet should be manageable in most cases, as a wide variety of foods are permitted. You don't need to buy special foods in order to follow the program. And finally, the plan recommends consuming large quantities of fruits and vegetables so the program should be perfectly suitable for vegetarians.

Celebrity followers
The Life Without Bread eating plan has not been linked to many celebrities but you can be sure that any number of stars have tried the program. Whether they successfully lost weight with the life without bread is another question.

Does the plan work?
Compared to some carbohydrate controlled diets, Life Without Bread is not extreme or difficult to follow. It sensibly allows a moderate amount of carbohydrates each day, and by cutting out refined, sugary foods, you should experience significant weight loss. However, as with the Atkins plan, doubt must be place on the advice to eat as much cheese and high-fat foods as you like. The majority of trials indicate that such a diet simply isn't healthy.

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