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The Hay Diet was developed by the New York physician Dr William Hay in the 1920s. This food combining diet is based on the categorization of foods into alkaline, acidic and neutral.

What does the plan involve?
The Hay Diet is based on the theory that weight gain is due to an imbalance in the body caused by eating too many acidic foods. Dr Hay maintains that eating the wrong foods, and the wrong combination of foods, causes the body to be acidic rather than in the desired alkaline state.

Food and recipes
The Hay Diet advocates a diet high in alkaline forming foods such as fruit and vegetables, and low in acid forming foods such as eggs, meats, cheese and starchy produce. Neutral foods such as nuts, seeds and oils are recommended to help keep the body in balance. Dr Hay also states that certain foods should not be eaten together, such as those rich in protein and starch.

The program focuses purely on eating the right foods. There is no mention of exercising to compliment the eating plan.

Eating out when on the Hay diet could be problematic as you will need to work out what each dish on the menu contains. You don't need to buy any special foods to follow the plan, but you will need to be very aware of the type of foods you are buying. The plan is perfectly suitable for vegetarians.

Celebrity followers
The Hay eating plan has allegedly been used by a large number of celebrities in the UK and the US. Stars such as Liz Hurley, Honor Blackman and Catherine Zeta Jones are rumoured to have lost weight with this slimming program.

Does the plan work?
Whilst eating more fruit and vegetables, and less processed foods is a healthy way to lose weight, there is little scientific evidence supporting the Hay Diet's acid and alkaline theory. However, this is one of the easier diets to follow and therefore one which many women achieve at least some success with.

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