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The Food Doctor diet plan was developed by leading nutritionist Ian Marber. This easy to understand weight loss plan also aims to improve your digestive system as well as your overall health and well-being. So should you try it? Does it actually work? Read on to find out.

What does the plan involve?
The Food Doctor diet focuses on the digestive system under the theory that it's the poor absorption of food that leads to cravings, overeating and weight gain. The diet also recommends regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The plan is based on small meals with regular healthy snacks in between.

Food and recipes
The Food Doctor diet comprises lean protein and complex carbohydrates (those which are broken down slowly), monounsaturated fats and generous amounts of vegetables. Processed food, saturated fat and sugary snacks are said to lead to unhealthy bacteria and are therefore prohibited. During the initial phase of the diet, fruit, meat, alcohol and caffeinated drinks are not allowed.

The program focuses purely on eating the right foods. There is no mention of exercising to compliment the proposed eating plan.

Eating out when on the Food Doctor diet will be manageable at some restaurants. Alcohol and caffeine are not permitted. You don't need to buy special foods in order to follow the plan. And finally, the program is perfectly suitable for vegetarians.

Celebrity followers
The Food Doctor eating plan has not been linked to many celebrities but you can be sure that any number of stars have tried the program. Whether they successfully lost weight with the food doctor program is another question.

Does the plan work?
Any diet plan focusing on good health, as well as weight loss, is to be commended. The Food Doctor Diet is a sensible, balanced diet that will help you lose weight, especially when combined with the recommended daily exercise. However, claims that weight gain is directly related to digestive and intestinal imbalance are unfounded.

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