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The Fat Flush diet plan is a detox diet designed to remove toxins from the body, particularly the liver. The diet plan maintains that this detox or 'fat flush' will lead to weight loss as well as improving blood pressure and general health. But does it really work? Read on to find out.

What does the plan involve?
The Fat Flush diet involves eliminating foods such as wheat, milk and starchy carbohydrates which are said to retain fluid as well as slowing down metabolism. There are three phases of the Fat Flush Plan. The first two week phase is based on a diet of up to 1200 calories a day, and supposedly kick starts your metabolism. The second phase allows between 1200 - 1500 and the final long-term phase allows 1500.

Food and recipes
The Fat Flush diet plan involves taking special supplements as well as a cleaning drink to help encourage weight loss. This fat flush drink should be taken once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and shortly before lunch and dinner. Foods that are believed to contain detox properties such as eggs, garlic, red meat and cruciferous vegetables are encouraged. Flour, sugar, sweeteners and caffeine are not permitted.

Exercise is an important part of this program, with the first two phases recommending twenty minute brisk walks five times per week, plus five minutes of trampoline jumping every day. Exercise is increased in phase three to include activates such as the lifting of light weights.

Eating out when on the Fat Flush diet will be difficult in most restaurants. Alcohol and caffeine are not permitted. You will need to buy special foods and supplements in order to follow the program. And finally, the plan should be suitable for vegetarians.

Celebrity followers
The Fat Flush eating plan has allegedly been used by a large number of celebrities in the UK and the US. Stars such as movie actress Halle Berry are rumoured to have lost weight with this slimming program.

Does the plan work?
The Fat Flush Diet can help you lose weight but this will be due to the consumption of fewer calories, not the supposed detox or fat flushing effects claimed by the developers. Clearing your system of unwanted toxins is obviously beneficial, but it does not directly lead to weight loss. Nevertheless, the Fat Flush Plan is certainly not one of the worst diets to try.

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