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There are many Detox diets floating around, and one of the most common was designed by practicing physician Dr. Elson Haas. She believes that many of the weight and health problems in Western Cultures are partly due to the toxification of the body.

What does the plan involve?
The Detox diet aims to improve health and increase energy levels as well as achieve weight loss. The Detox diet involves following an eating plan that encourages the elimination of harmful substances from the body. Once the body has cleansed itself, it is able to function more effectively and efficiently. The Detox diet should be followed for five to seven days.

Food and recipes
The Detox plan involves eating three meals a day with either lemon juice or vegetable water instead of snacks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are comprised solely of fruit an vegetables, although a small portion of lean fish or chicken is permitted if you begin to struggle.

Some versions of this program advocate regular workouts whereas others give no mention to exercise.

Eating out when on the Detox diet will be difficult in most cases as you need to avoid a large range of foods and ingredients. Alcohol and caffeine are not permitted. You don't need to buy special foods in order to follow the program, other than lots of fruit and vegetables. And finally, the plan is perfectly suitable for vegetarians.

Celebrity followers
The Detox eating plan has allegedly been used by a large number of celebrities in the UK and the US. Stars such as Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carol Vorderman and Anne Hathaway are rumoured to have lost weight with this slimming program.

Does the plan work?
Eating mostly fruit and vegetables instead of fatty, sugary foods is always a good thing. It will certainly improve your health and help you lose weight. But cutting out large sways of foods for even just a few days is never particularly healthy. Also, there is no scientific basis for the claims of direct links between detoxification and weight loss.

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