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Thousands of women in the UK start a new diet every day of the week. Sometimes a new eating plan works but for most women one unsuccessful diet is followed by another, and another. So whether you're thinking about Volumetrics or the South Beach Diet, make sure you know what you're getting into.

Ornish Diet
Will I lose weight with the Ornish plan? Take a look at what this slimming program involves and tourbillions of success.

Life without bread
What can I eat under the Life Without Bread plan? An unbiased guide to this unusual eating program.

Is Herbalife a good choice for shifting those excess pounds? Advice on what to expect from this meal replacement scheme.

Change One Plan
Is the Change One Plan safe over the long term? The health and nutrition implications of following this eating plan

Do Detox diets really make you lose weight? The truth about detox and it's affect on your health and weight.

Fat Flush
Will the Fat Flush programme help my slim down? The facts about this detox programme designed to remove toxins from the body.

How much does it cost to follow the Cambridge diet? Take a look at what this scheme involves, and the prices of its specially manufactured products.

Cabbage Soup
Does the Cabbage Soup programme really work, and just how hard is it to stick to? Take a look at the types of food you are required to eat under this plan.

Beverly Hills
Does the Beverly Hills lead to significant weight loss? A guide to the glamorously entitled plan from America.

Hay eating plan
What food and recipes are recommended under the Hay programme? The lowdown on this plan that targets overly acidic foods.

Food Doctor
Will the Food Doctor plan help me to slim down? Take a look at your chances of losing weight under this balanced eating plan.

Grapefruit diet
Does the Grapefruit plan really work? Advice on this somewhat unusual weight loss program.

Rosemary Conley
How successful are the Rosemary Conley slimming clubs? Take a look at our guide to this popular UK dieting club.

Fit For Life
What does the Fit For Life plan involve? The meals and recipes recommended by this food combination plan.

Does the Lipotrim plan work, and should I try it? An unbiased review of this relatively new meal replacement program.

Slimming World
What do Slimming World clubs involve? What you can expect from this increasingly popular slimming club.

Rotation plan
What types of food can I eat under the Rotation dieting programme? The recipes and food choices acceptable under this rapid weight loss plan.

Fertility & Pregnancy


Artificial insemination
Learn about the costs, risks and probability of success from this infertility procedure.

Treatment abroad
What you need to know about having fertility treatment overseas.

Gender selection
A guide to the legal and moral aspects of choosing the sex of your baby.

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