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What are good diet breakfasts to eat when trying to lose weight?

One of the biggest mistakes dieting women make is skipping breakfast. You may save yourself a few hundred calories but you will invariably overeat later.

Not only does eating breakfast reduce the likelihood of gorging yourself later, but it also kick starts your metabolism. Research has conclusively shown that skipping breakfast increases the probability of weight so if you want to lose weight, you simply must eat breakfast.

But of course, eating breakfast when you're on a diet doesn't mean a full English with all the trimmings. You need to eat a so called diet breakfast, one that is high in nutritional value but low in fat and calories. It should contain fibre and lean protein as the body has to work harder to digest protein than carbohydrates.

Porridge or oatmeal is a terrific example of a diet breakfast. Add fresh fruit to help provide essential vitamins and minerals. Cereals low in sugar but high in wholegrain or added nuts and seeds are also a great mix of fibre and protein. If you'd rather have something hot, try an egg sandwich made with egg whites and wholegrain bread.

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