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People sometimes refer to blueberries as a superfood but are they really so good for you?

Of all the varieties of berry, it's the blueberry that is most highly regarded in terms of nutrition. They may not be as amazing as some people claim but they are still one of the best things you can put in your mouth.

Blueberries blue/purple colour comes from their significant quantities of anthocyanidins. In case you didn't know (just kidding) anthocyanidins are antioxidizing chemicals that help counteract the presence of toxins in our bodies. These toxins in the body are what eventually cause aging and disease.

But blueberries are by no means a one trick pony - these little chemicals also possess anti-inflammatory properties, help with the absorption of vitamins, and in some instances discourage your body from suffering from allergic reactions.

Blueberries are also one of the foods that are believed to have a positive effect on the development of cancer. The antioxidants and phenolic compounds found in the berry are thought to help prevent the cell damage that can lead to cancer. It's by no means a cure for cancer, but as part of a healthy balance diet, it can certainly help.

Research indicates that the blueberry may be also be helpful in maintaining brain health. Experts believe that the fruit may help delay the onset of dementia, Alzheimer'sdisease, and other age related diseases.

Blueberries are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals and a juicy way to consume your recommended daily intake of fibre. Vitamin C and manganese are the two primary nutrients found in the blueberry but the little blue fruit is also a good source of Vitamin E.

Top tip - take care when washing fresh blueberries as their protective skin is very delicate, and can easily end up down the plug hole.

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