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Is there such a thing as the best diet or do plans work differently from person to person?

We're often told that the best diet plan is the one that works best for you. While this is very true, we'd still like to know which diet is the best one to try.

Unfortunately, there is no one diet that stands head and shoulders above the rest. All diets have their good points and bad points, and all diets will suit different people, well, differently.

However, there are some diets that are more advisable than others. Eating plans that dramatically restrict daily calorie or carbohydrate intake may sound appealing, but they very rarely work. You may lose a few ponds in the first week or two but you'll put it straight back on by the end of the month.

The best diet plans to try are those that are, at least to some extent, healthy and balanced. Such programs lead to gradual weight loss over a longer period of time, and therefore offer a greater likelihood of permanent results. When it comes to dieting, most women leave their common sense at the door. But without it, the chances of achieving your goals are very low.

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