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Do aphrodisiacs get you in the mood for love or is it all just wishful thinking?

Do certain foods make you feel sexual? Sadly, the answer to this question is no.

However, do certain foods give you a better chance of feeling sexual should things move in that direction? The answer to this question is yes... sometimes.

The truth is that no foods can directly arouse you sexually. However, certain foods can boost your energy, kick start your hormones, and de-stress your mind - all of which are conducive to a night of passion.

Perhaps the most well know aphrodisiac are oysters. Some people say a plate of oysters will have you tearing your partner's clothes off as soon as you get home.

Although this is obviously an exaggeration, oysters can help you get in the mood for love. This is due to their exceptionally high zinc content which studies have shown is essential for both male and female fertility.

Chocolate is another good choice for getting in the mood for bedroom fun. Again it doesn't cause sexual arousal but it does releases endorphins, the so called feel good chemicals, into the brain. If you're both feeling good, there is probably more chance you will seek to continue your pleasurable evening in other ways.

Eating food with your fingers is another great pseudo-aphrodisiac. It may not directly cause a sexual response but it draws attention to the lips and mouth which does invariably encourage sexual thoughts.

And of course the most effective of all aphrodisiacs is alcohol. A little wine, vodka or whatever your tipple may be, not only loosens your tongue but it lowers your inhibitions. You become more confident, and willing to indulge in activities that you may not have done if you were 100% sober. It also, as you know doubt will be aware, makes men who you would not normally give a second look, appear strangely attractive.

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