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What are genetically modified foods and are they safe to eat?

Genetically modified or GM foods are made by inserting a gene into a plant to alter its natural makeup, usually to make it grow faster, larger and more resistant to disease.

Obviously, this could help eradicate a great many of the current problems suffered by the poorer parts of the world, as well as the future problems we are all likely to face due to climate change, the depletion of our natural resources and so on.

However, the emphasis has to be on the words 'could help' because at the moment we are simply not in a position to know about the long term effects of GM foods both to the planet and to our bodies.

The environmental issue is a complex one but essentially there is a risk that GM foods could upset the natural balance of insects, plant life and animal life.

In terms of humans and whether it is safe to eat GM foods, the answer is we just don't know. And until we do, GM food clearly should not be making its way onto our dinner plates.

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