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Is it worth having my teeth whitened by a dentist, and how much does it cost anyway?

Tooth whitening has become increasing popular in recent years as the sparkling white Hollywood smile has filtered through to the masses. Who wants a stained, yellow-tinted smile, when you can have one that lights up your face.

Whitening advice

But should you visit a dentist to have your teeth whitened or simply do it yourself with a home whitening kit? There are a wide range of whitening techniques used by dentists, all of which will increase the whiteness of your teeth my many shades.

Home whitening kits can also vastly improve the colour of your teeth but care must be taken when choosing a product. Some kits may be too harsh for your teeth, while others may not contain enough whitening agent to be effective.

But for most people the main issue that will determine their decision will be cost. As you would expect, professional tooth whitening carried out by a dentist is considerably more expensive than a home whitening kit.

For example, the popular Zoom tooth whitening procedure costs in the region of £200 to £300 in the UK. In comparison, most tooth whitening home kits cost less than £50.

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