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Beauty Tip 29. Longer lasting nail varnish

Isn't it infuriating when you spend time, money and effort painting your nails perfectly, only to chip them ten minutes later!

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Unfortunately, our hands take quite a hammering during our daily lives and as a result nail varnish simply doesn't last very long.

However, with a little thought and preparation, you can make your nail varnish look great for longer. Here are six of the very best nail varnish tips:

1. Ensure your nails are completely dry and clean before applying varnish. Even the natural oils on your nails can encourage chipping.

2. Use a base coat to give your nail varnish something to really stick to.

3. Remember to polish the tip of the nail as this helps reduce the likelihood of chipping.

4. Several thin coats are better than one or two thick ones as it reduces drying time and helps prevents bubbles and other inconsistencies.

5. Apply a clear topcoat over the nail, including around the edges, to extend the life of your nail varnish. Reapply a topcoat every other day to make your manicure last even longer.

6. Always allow your nails to fully dry before you use your hands for anything. Approximately 30-45 minutes should be enough. Once dry, submerge the nails in cold water then apply lotion.

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