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Beauty Tip 19. Your skin and the sun

Sitting in the sun, as its warm rays bask across your skin, is one of life's true pleasures.

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Unfortunately, this pleasure comes with two serious risks, firstly in relation to skin cancer and secondly in terms of premature skin aging.

The sun adversely affects collagen production in the skin, and without collagen, your skin will not remain youthful and wrinkle-free for very long.

And don't think that you need to bake on a beach for hours and hours before the sun does any damage to your skin.

Just a few minutes of sun exposure each day can cause noticeable changes in how your skin looks and feels.

So, are we supposed to never venture out in the sun again?

Of course not, but we are supposed to use sunscreen as often as possible.

Sunscreen can protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays and enables you to spend more time in the sun without speeding up the appearance of wrinkles, age spot and spider veins.

A sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher is required for your face, and if the sun is particularly strong, you need to reapply the cream every 2-3 hours.

Fortunately, many moisturizers and cosmetics now come with added sunscreen to protect your skin even further.

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