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Beauty Tip 11. Make-up in the summer

Your summer make-up should be different to what you slap on your face during the rest of the year.

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Not only is your wardrobe different in the summer but so too is the natural light.

So to help you look great in the warmer whether, here is our guide to wearing make-up in the summer sun...

- Subtle, natural looking make-up is the key to looking good in summer so avoid harsh colours.

- Keep your foundation thin in warmer weather to allow the changing colour of your skin to shine through.

- Neutral colours should be used on your lips rather than bold, dark shades.

- Make use of bronzing powder to give your face and body an extra special glow. Remember to apply your bronzer only where the sun would naturally tan you (i.e. your nose, forehead, cheekbones and a little on the chin).

- Use light coloured make-up to accentuate your tan.

- Waterproof mascara can help keep your lashes looking lush, irrespective of how much you perspire in the summer heat.

- Avoid lip liner as it's too harsh for the soft summer look.

- Use a softer brown eye liner rather than the traditional black.

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