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Beauty Tip 42. Six steps to beautiful skin

All women would love to have smoother, younger looking skin.

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Some beauty products promise to give you beautifully, radiant skin but unfortunately it's just not that easy.

You must work at maintaining healthy skin and the six key steps to doing so are as follow:

1. Make sure you get the 7 or 8 hours sleep your body needs every night.

2. Be as active as possible to maintain a healthy body and mind.

3. Enjoy lots of fresh air but try to limit your exposure to cold temperatures, excessively windy conditions and of course the biggest danger to your skin of all; the sun.

4. As difficult as it may be, try to life a happy, contented life and limit your exposure to stress.

5. Develop a regular skin care routine for your type of skin, and always try to moisturise twice a day and exfoliate twice a week.

6. Eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, and try to drink 6 to 8 small glasses of water a day.

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