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Skin Types
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by Jennifer Mann

dry skin is at particular risk from harmful UV rays emitted by the sun

Love the skin your in - this can be somewhat difficult if your face produces more oil than BP or is drier than the Sahara dessert during a particularly hot period.

Everybody's skin is different but generally there are five main types of complexion each with its own set of potential problems.

Oily skin
Many woman who think they have oily skin are mistaken. They notice an oily area at some point and interpret that as concrete evidence of an oily complexion.

However, before you jump to conclusions, you must make sure you have properly cleansed and moisturised you face. The skin produces oil when it feels it needs to but this doesn't mean you have an oily complexion. Indeed, if you over cleanse your face your skin will produce even more oil.

However, if you do find that your skin still quickly becomes oily after cleaning and moisturising then you really do have oily skin. An oily complexion usually begins in the so called t-zone which is the area across the forehead and down the nose. However, if left to it's own devices it will spread right across your face.

Women with normal to oily complexion still have to take great care with their skin. Their skin will occasionally produces too much sebum and is prone to pore clogging especially in the t-zone area.

However, the effects will not be as strong or as regular as women with oily skin. Indeed some beauticians are of the opinion that in terms of anti aging, normal/oily skin is as beneficial as a normal complexion. The extra oil and moisture in the skin prevents the dryness that can lead to premature aging.

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