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The Seven Steps to Sensational Skin
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by Caroline Moran

We would all like flawless skin but is it really possible and can such perfection be maintained? The answer to both these questions is yes, well almost. There is no such thing as perfect skin and even the luckiest lady will suffer from the occasional pimple. However, with a little time and effort you can get very close to heavenly skin. Follow the seven simple steps below and you may just be surprised at the results...

1. Cleanse thoroughly but gently

You must get rid off the dirt that accumulates on your face every day not to mention the make-up cocktail you probably use. Cleansing is perhaps the most important part of any beauty regime because if you don't get it right, everything else you put on top will be sub-standard as well. If your foundations aren't solid your house wont be either. The key to good cleansing is to take your time and remember to be gentle. Rushing though it heavy handed will either leave you will a half cleansed face or even worse an irritated one.

2. Keep your hair clean

If you want flawless skin it is imperative to keep your hair clean. That thick bush on top of our heads can be a breading ground for al kinds of nastiness, from dandruff to excess oil to bugs and knits. However, even clean hair can sometimes agitate the skin on your face. So if you are prone to skin problems, you should try to keep your hair off your face as much as possible.

3. Don't touch your face

Even the cleanest person in the world cannot keep their hands spotless all the time. Almost everything we touch will be covered in some level of grime and bacteria - whether it be the steering wheel on the car or the handle on the front door. It's no wonder then that our hands are usually not the most hygienic of areas. So really it's only common sense to try to keep our dirty little paws away from our face.

4. Keep your facecloth fresh

There is no point washing your face at all if your facecloth or flannel isn't completely clean. Many women just pick up their cloth and give it a quick rinse before slapping it on their face. What this means is that the majority of the dirt and grime you removed form your face last time you used your facecloth, will be making it's way back onto your skin. We're not saying you should be putting your flannel in the washing machine after every use - that just isn't practical. However, you can take thirty seconds to give it a good hand wash with soap before you use it again.

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