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The Neck - the land which women forgot
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by Caroline Moran

Even a completely wrinkle free face can be let down by a neglected neck. Make-up can help your face hide its real age but it cannot help your neck. So you'd think women would put as much effort into looking after their neck as they do their face? In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Millions of women ignore their neck area until they begin to see real deterioration and by that time it's too late. So take some advice from one of those very women and follow these steps to look after your neck:

1. Don't stop the products at the chin

So many women terminate their beauty regime as soon as they reach the bottom of the face. And as a so many women find themselves with a youthful face sitting on top of a badly aged neck. Cleanse and moisturize your neck just like your face. In fact you should carry on right down to your chest as this is another area that doesn't stand the test of time particularly well.

2. Exercise

The best form of workout you can give your neck is stretching so yoga or pilates is ideal. But don't think you need to put on your tracksuit and trainers for this. You can slowly stretch your neck backwards and forwards as you sit watching television. Three minutes during the commercial break can make all the difference.

3. Is a tan worth a chicken neck?

The skin around the neck area does not react well to years of sun worshipping. You should always protect this part of your body from the ferocity of the sun. The best advice is to wear a wide rim hat that shields both your neck and face but if this isn't possible you should always use a high factor sun cream.

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