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A guide to the benefits of using a face mask

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Fantastic face masks - which type is for you
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by Jennifer Mann

Many women view face masks as an unnecessary luxury with little real benefit. However, the truth is a face mask can have a huge effect on your skin, perhaps more so than any other product. But there are so many different types of mask available, which one is suitable for you? Here is a quick guide...

Mud masks

Mud masks and clay masks work by absorbing dirt, grease and other waste products from the skin. They are particularly good for people with an oily complexion because they suck up almost all the of the unwanted oil which in turn reduces shine.

Exfoliating masks

These masks work in the same way as any exfoliating product, removing dead skin cells and other impurities from the surface of the skin. They also act as an effective skin cleanser.

Moisturizing masks

These type of masks are possibly the most effective of all face masks. They give your skin a level of moisture which your other beauty products may not be able to provide. If you have dry skin don't be surprised if your face totally absorbs the mask within a few minutes of application. This just shows how thirsty your skin was and how much it needed a moisture boost.

Gel masks

These masks are particularly useful for women with sensitive skin. They are less harsh and irritable than most other masks but just as effective. Many gel masks contain aloe vera or other cooling ingredients making them excellent for sunburn.

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