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by Caroline Moran

Of all the parts of our bodies, it's our hands that come in for the roughest treatment. Not only are they constantly exposed to the toxins and pollutants in the air and but they also bear the brunt of practically everything we come into contact with - ranging from water when washing the dishes to soil when doing the garden. This is the very reason why your hands can age at such an alarming rate.

Many women simply forget about their hands when it comes to their beauty regime and the battle against the sings of aging. However, almost all of these women will rerget this neglect when their hands begin to look those of a woman twice their age. So what can you do keep your hands looking younger for longer? Here are the five most important points to remember:

Protection from the sun

Hands are just as susceptable to damage from the sun as the rest of our bodies. And it's not just on holiday when this damage can occur. The UVA and UVB rays emitted by the sun can still effect our skin when the weather isn't particalalry tropical. In fact even just going for a walk in your local park on a seemingly overcast day can put your skin at risk from the sun. To counteract this threat you should use a daily hand creamm that contains a high fact suncrean (around 15).

Water isn't your friend

Water keeps you clean but it also ages your skin. Now obviosuly you need to wash you hands many times a day but you should avoid soaking your hands for long periods of times. When doing the washing up, always wear rubber gloves even if its only for a few minutes. Also if you enjoy long soaks in ther bath try to keep your hands above the water as you lied there.

Pots, pots everywhere

If your face needs to be mostorised twice daily, your hands will probably need much more. Since you wash your hands several times a day and touch literally thousands of different materials and surfaces, hand cream does get worn off. You need to apply cream at every posible opportunity and the best way to do this is to have a pot of cream in many locations. Place a tub next to the kitchen sink, in your office, in your car - anywhere you spend a sizeable amount of time each day.

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