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Hair removal - the options available
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by Jennifer Mann

There are many different ways to maintain smooth, hair free skin. Each method has it's advantages and disadvantages - some are quick but painful whereas others are long lasting but time consuming. What may be suitable for one woman may not be for the next. So which one is ideal for you? Here's a quick guide to help you decide...


This is by far the most common method of hair removal for women. A few quick strokes with a reasonably sharp razor and your skin is as smooth as it's ever been. As well as being the cheapest option, it's also completely pain free... unless you nick yourself. So why do we need to bother about the other hair removal techniques I here you ask. Well the main problem with shaving is that it only removes the hair at the skin surface. This means that regrowth occurs very quickly, sometimes in less than 24 hours.


The advantage waxing has over shaving is that it removes the hair from below the skin's surface, usually from the root. This ensures your skin is hair free for anything between two and five weeks. However, this does come at a price... And you pay that price in pain. Waxing can be incredibly painful, even when done by a professional. In terms of cost, waxing is more expensive than shaving but it's still very cheap in the long run.


This procedure is mainly used for small areas of hair growth such as facial hair. An electrical charge is passed through a needle into the follicle of the hair, effectively terminating it. The benefit of this method is that there will be no future hair growth - it's a permanent solution. However, this method can be both painful and expensive.

Depilatory products

The chemicals in these creams attack the hair at the skins surface, weakening it to such an extent that it will simply wash away with water. These products are surprisingly cheap and the results last for up to a week. However, these creams do have their drawbacks - namely the smell, the mess and the hassle of having to wait ten minutes before you can rinse yourself off.

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