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The most asked skin care questions

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The five most common skin questions
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by Caroline Moran

Every woman has skin questions she never quite manages to find the answers to. If we tried to answer them all, we would need a very long piece of paper. However, of all the queries we come across, five problems arise more often than the rest. And without any further delay, here they are:

1. How do I make my tan last longer?

In order to make your holiday tan last as long as possible, you need to continually apply body lotion or moisturizer. Sunbathing dries out your skin causing your body to produce new skin cells to replace these old damaged ones.

Unfortunately, the new cells are your natural body colour so you begin to lose your suntan. Keeping your skin hydrated slows down this process. If you're still not satisfied, slap on the fake tan.

2. What can I do about my stretch marks?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is pretty much nothing. Stretch marks are the result of your skin being unable to cope with the increase of fat and body tissue underneath. Once you have them, you simply have to wait until they fade as your skin recovers.

However, a good moisturizing routine can help reduce your chances of developing the dreaded marks.

3. What can I do about a red nose on a cold day?

This may seem like a trivial complaint to some people, but a red nose can be very embarrassing for many women. The rest of your face manages to behave normally in the cold weather so why can't your nose? The only way to be sure of avoiding a rudolph situation is to stay indoors when the temperature is dangerously low. Wrapping up warm wont help because your nose will always be exposed.

However, you can keep the redness to a minimum with creative makeup. This is one of the few cases where the more makeup you wear the better. An extra layer or two of consealer and foundation on your nose will help keep your redness under wraps. You can also try applying a little green foundation on your nose under your usual powder as this will help dilute the redness.

4. What can I do about my cellulite?

The dreaded orange peel skin can effect women of all ages and sizes. Although there is no definite cure for cellulite you can help yourself by eating a low fat/high fibre diet and getting plenty exercise.

A poor diet and slow blood circulation caused by inactivity are believed to be the two main causes of cellulite.

5. Why does my make up always look patchy?

Millions of women leave the house in the morning with patchy make-up. Ninety nine times out of a hundred, this is because they're using the wrong colour powder for their skin. Just like your foundation, your powder needs to be as close to your natural skin tone as possible. If you are using the right colour powder and you've applied it properly, you should always have flawless looking skin (except for wrinkles, spots, moles... we'll stop there).

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