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Tips on how to cleanse your skin properly

How to cleanse your skin
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by Caroline Moran

Many beauticians believe cleansing should be the most important aspect of any woman's skincare regime. It creates the base from which everything else follows. If that base is weak your skin will never look its best no matter how much make up and moisturizer you use. So how can you ensure your cleansing foundations are strong? Here is our simple five step plan:

1. Prepare yourself

It's imperative that your hands are completely clean before you begin otherwise you could be adding more impurities to your face than were originally there. Cleansing with dirty hands is much like jogging whilst eating a cream cake. It's also important that you tie your hair back to reveal all corners of your face. Not only does this ensure you don't miss areas but it also keeps the cream off your hair.

2. Choosing a cleanser

There are literally hundreds of different cleansers on the market today so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. If you have sensitive skin or an excessively dry or oily complexion you should opt for one of the specialist products for your skin type. However, for everybody else the best advice is to go for the cleanser that you actually like best and feel the most comfortable using. The vast majority of cleansers will work effectively on most types of skin.

3. The Procedure

Surely the procedure is just a case of slap it on and wash it off? Not if you want to do it properly. Effective cleansing doesn't require a military operation but you do need to follow certain steps:

- gently apply the cleanser all over your face and neck (don't forget the neck or you will regret it when you are older). Then slowly massage the cream into your skin with your fingertips. Take particular care around the sensitive area of skin under your eyes.

- always leave the cleanser on for a minute or two to give it sufficient time to absorb all that dirt, make-up and whatever else has made its way onto your face.

- soak your facecloth in warm water and then place it over your face. Leave it for a few seconds and then very gently rub your face to remove the remaining substance. You should repeat this process until your the flannel is free from grime when you remove it from your face.

- you must make sure the facecloth you use is clean and when we say clean we don't mean just ran under the tap. Wiping your face clean with a dirty flannel defeats the purpose of cleansing in the first place.

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