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The Lowdown on Cellulite
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by Caroline Moran

Few words strike fear into women as much as cellulite. The dreaded orange peel skin condition has be demonized to such an extent that a photograph of a celebrity sufferer will sell for thousands of pounds. But what causes cellulite and what can you do to reduce your chances of being affected? Hopefully, this article will provide you with all the answers you need.

What causes cellulite?

Somewhat surprisingly, we don't know for sure what causes this skin complaint. Most people believe it's due to a build up of fat and toxins deep down under your skin. This produces the tell tale dimpled effect on the surface of the skin but it also interferes with the flow of blood which explains why cellulite can feel cold and spongy.

Why does this build up occur?

Once again, we don't know with certainty why this happens. However, experts believe it can be caused by four main factors:

- a poor diet
- a lack of exercise
- stress
- hormones

How do I know if I have cellulite?

Sometimes cellulite is as obvious as cheap fake tan. However, in other instances it can be difficult to tell if you have it or not. As previously mentioned, the main signs are:
- dimpled looking skin
- skin that is lumpy to the touch
- skin that feels colder than the surrounding area
- skin that looks whiter that the surrounding area

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