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The cause and cure of a spotty back

Back attack - how to deal with a spotty back
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by Caroline Moran

It's bad enough getting an outbreak of spots on your face but sometimes they also have a nasty habit of finding their way onto your back as well. Some women are lucky enough to very rarely experience this back attack but for other less fortunate souls it can be a weekly battle. Although colthes will hide the problem when you go out, you have no such luxury when you are on holiday or in bed with your partner. Many women find it even more embarrsiing than if the pimples were on their face. Fortyantly there are many steps you can take to deal with this back problem quickly and effevitley when it appears but also help prevent it from occuring in the first place...

1. Keep it clean

The most obvious piece of advie is also the most important - keep your back clean. Don't think beacause your back is covered for most of the day it doesn't need to be included as part of your beauty regime. If you are prone to outbreaks of spots in this area you should give it as much attention as any other part of your body. Use a body cleanser twice a day to ensure your back is free from grime and bacteria which are the main causes of acne on the back.

2. Be gentle

Zits, spots and pimples are easily irrateded. If you are experiecning an outbreak or even just a lone crusader you should try to be as gentle as possible. After a bath or shower always gently pat the area dry or if possible allow the area to dry itself. Whateever you do don't rub your back dry like you would the rest of your body. Not only will this make the spots more pronounced it will make them hang around for longer.

3. Don't pick

Spots on your back are no different from those on your face - if you pick them you only make them worse. Do you really want a permantlt scarrd back? However, the beauty of back spots is that there is no real need to pick them. Unless you've got a beach holiday coming up, who's going to see them? The reason why we pop pimples on our face is beacuse when we go out everyone will see them. So do yourself a favour and leave those back blemishes alone!

4. Sweat must be followed by shower

The back is one of the main areas where whe pespire and in many cases this is the very reason why spots on the back appear. Unless you want an outbreak on your back your must shower or bathe whenever you feel sweaty. Obviously this includes after any exercise such as going to the gym buyt it can also include sunbathing or just walking to the shops.

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