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Gastric bypass surgery is a type of procedure that can be used to cause significant weight loss. The operation combine the creation of a small stomach pouch to restrict food intake, and the construction of a bypass of the small intestine to decreased your ability to absorb nutrients from food.

This can be a very dangerous form of surgery with many potential complications and side effects. However, in some cases the results can be astonishing. More information on the cost and risks of gastric bypass surgery. Take a look at these gastric bypass pics and see for yourself...

Gastric BypasslGastric Bypassl
Gastric BypasslGastric Bypassl
Gastric BypasslGastric Bypassl

Take a look at gastric band surgery in more detail with information on cost, risks, complications and what's involved.

Find a UK plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgery clinic near you that performs gastric band surgery or gastric bypass.

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Gastric Bypass

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