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The facelift is perhaps cosmetic surgery's best weapon against the relentless signs of aging. The procedure begins with incisions around the ears, neck and hairline. The skin is then pulled upward to a desired point and the the excess skin is removed.

The patient will experience severe bruising and discomfort for at least two weeks after surgery, and it may take up to six months until your face fully settles down. More information on the cost and risks of face lift surgery.Take a look at some face lift before and after pictures and see what this cosmetic procedure can do...

Face Lift
Face LiftFace Lift

More face lift pictures

Take a look at face lift surgery in more detail with information on cost, risks, complications and what's involved.

Find a UK plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgery clinic near you that performs face lifts.

Take a look at our guide to having procedures abroad.

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Face lift

Face lift before and after pictures

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