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Beauty Tip 28. Use make-up to change your nose

Of all the body parts that make up the face, it's our nose that causes most problems.

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Few women are perfectly happy with the shape and size of their nose which is the very reason why nose jobs are amongst the most popular forms of plastic surgery.

Some women feel their nose is too big, some too wide and some, believe it or not, too small.

Fortunately, make-up can be used to help improve the appearance of noses of all shapes and sizes.

For a long nose, use a lighter shade on the lower half and a dark foundation on the nostrils, both at the front and underneath.

You can also use a lip brush to extend the corners of your mouth to give your face more favourable proportions.

To slim down a wide nose at the bottom, apply a little dark foundation just above each nostril and blend it into your regular colour.

To narrow your nose at the bridge, dot a little dark base at the top of the nose and at either side of the bridge.

For uneven noses, apply the dark foundation to the bump to disguise the flaw. Applying a line of foundation right down the centre of a nose can also make the nose look straighter.

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