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How do I become registered with an NHS dentist in my local area?

In every major town and city in the UK, people find themselves not registered with an NHS dentist. With so many NHS dentists changing to private care in the 80's and 90's, there simply weren't enough dentists to go around.


Fortunately, this shortage of NHS dental places is gradually easing, and most people should be able to find an NHS dental practice somewhere in their local area. However, it's important to realise that you may need to visit a neighbouring town to find one.

The NHS website lists all NHS dentists in the United Kingdom, and allows you to search for dental clinics accepting new patients. You can also take a look at our selection of recommended local dentists near you. Many of these cosmetic dentistry experts also take on a set number of NHS patients each year.

Although it may not be easy to find a local NHS dentist currently accepting new patients, it's well worth persevering. With the maximum charge for a complex course of treatment just £198, and most courses of treatment costing between £16.20 or £44.60, being registered with an NHS dentist could save you thousands of pounds.

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