Is it possible to have cosmetic surgery on the NHS, and if so what types of treatment are available?

The costs involved in having cosmetic surgery is one of the main reasons why more people don't choose to have it. With face lifts costing at least £5,000 and tummy tucks even more, it's easy to see why.

If only plastic surgery was available on the NHS, imagine how perfect we'd all look! Well, it may come as a surprise to hear, but cosmetic surgery is actually available on the NHS. Thousands of people each year have plastic surgery without spending a penny.

But before you rush out to your local hospital, you can only qualify for surgery on the NHS if you meet specific criteria. Basically, the NHS will not carry out plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons alone. Reconstructive cosmetic surgery to treat injuries or abnormalities and will be carried out free of charge but in all other cases there must be substantial social, psychological, or physical benefit from the procedure.

For example, if you approach your doctor or local health authority and ask for a nose job because you would simply prefer a smaller one, there is little or no possibility of having the procedure on the NHS. However, if you can demonstrate that your nose is causing you severe psychological problems and having an adverse effect on your life, you may be able to have the operation on the NHS.

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