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Beauty Tip 38. Look after your nails

Your nails are every bit as important as the fingers they sit on.

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Beautiful nails speak volumes about a woman's sense of style and overall well-being.

And don't assume that 'beautiful nails' only means those impossibly long, perfectly formed nails adorned by models and celebrities.

Everyone's nails can look great just as long as they're well looked after and treated with a little respect.

So make your nails look fabulous with these these easy to remember steps:

- Don't scrub your nails too harshly.

- Top up your nail polish rather than remove it every day to limit the use of harmful remover,

- Don't cut your cuticles, push them back instead.

- An emery board is much better than a metal nail file.

- Eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in calcium vitamin B and potassium.

- Never, ever bite your nails.

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