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Beauty Tip 18. Make-up doesn't last forever

The make-up we use has a shelf life just like the food we eat.

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Lipsticks, mascara, blusher, foundation, perfume - they all come with an expire date for a very good reason.

The chemicals used in our beauty products eventually break down and essentially 'go off'.

Make-up that has past its expiry date will lose its colour, scent and texture.

But more importantly, it will cause skin irritation, sometimes of a sever nature, when used.

Shelf life on make up varies from product to product and brand to brand.

However in general lipstick, blusher and foundation will last a year and mascara starts to deteriorate after just three months.

Exposure to air, light and moisture can greatly reduce the life of cosmetic products.

Although perfume doesn't have an expiry date, it does lose its scent very quickly.

As soon as fragrance is exposed to air, and to a lesser extent light, it begins to go off.

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